MIEEG at Blue Planet Economy Exporoforum in Rome

The Mediterranean sea as a unique immense ecosystem joins into a new Sustainable Maritime Economy. Present and future are facing new challenges in energy, environment and, of course, economy. Mediterranean sea, is not only a fundamental resource for our life but is a “liquid highway” that links Europe to Africa, the Atlantic Ocean to Asia. […]

MIEEG opens the new headquarters in Colleferro, a boost for research and collaboration

One of the most innovative startup in Italy, MIEEG opens its new headquarters in Colleferro, celebrating with an opening party. Based in Regione Lazio space valley, the new building makes now it possible to implement the research capacity of the startup founded by Angelo Minotti, a former researcher and professor at La Sapienza University, which […]

Europe wants to increase industry’s capacity to produce electrolyzers by 2025

Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton and European electrolyser manufacturers met in Brussels to discuss how to increase industry’s capacity to produce electrolysers used to produce green hydrogen. The 20 industries signing the declaration set out a strategy to double the previous EU renewable hydrogen target to 10 million tons of annual domestic production, plus an additional […]