Our mission is to develop an innovative and sustainable energy generator, covered by the patent named “Electrical Energy Generation Device” (PCT2018/052036), filed in 47 countries worldwide and already issued in Italy, China, Hong Kong and USA.

Nowadays, even the most advanced batteries are characterized by low energy density [kWh/kg] leading to large size, high weight and inefficient systems. Compared to mechanical systems, electrical systems therefore show limitations in terms of endurance, readiness, size and weight.

MIEEG innovative energy generator is characterized by:

  • high performance (high efficiency and high power);
  • miniaturized dimensions;
  • green propellant (e.g. methane or hydrogen, from wastewater or rainwater);
  • combustion efficiency >> 90% despite miniaturized dimensions;
  • high energy storage capacity;
  • high annual capacity factor (ACF)
  • scalability;
  • hybrid configuration;
  • 3D printing

MIEEG can be adopted as:

  1. Range extender in electric systems such as electric cars, drones, aircraft, electric boats exoskeletons and others.. to extend their endurance taking fixed or even reducing the weight and the volume of the current powertrain;
  2. Energy generator integrated with sustainable energy production systems (such as wind or solar), to provide energy to houses using water, including wastewater or rainwater, in order to obtain new energy independent housing concepts.

To date, the project is under development with a 3<TRL<4.

The company has its own lab equipped with High Performance Computing, H2/O2 combustion test-bench for the further experimentation and testing phases.

The final implementation of the working prototype is foreseen in Q4-2023.

Range Extender Application





Building Application


Remote aera housing

Biogas and agricolture