May. 13th 2022


Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton and European electrolyser manufacturers met in Brussels to discuss how to increase industry’s capacity to produce […]

May. 4th 2022


MIEEG and iSpace2o have signed an agreement to develop a collaboration on an innovative project that aims to shake up […]

Apr. 1st 2022

The recent surge in energy costs has opened the doors to the future of green hydrogen. The high prices of […]

Mar. 24th 2022

Patent documents reveal Ford is experimenting with hydrogen combustion engines. Not to be confused with fuel cell powertrains, the patent […]

Mar. 18th 2022

Hysata, a startup spin-off the University of Wollongong, Australia, claimed an important breakthrough for the production of green hydrogen. Hysata […]

Mar. 9th 2022

The current international crisis has revolutionized EU approach to supply energy. In just two weeks everything was changed but Europe […]

Mar. 8th 2022

Electric vehicle (EV) producers and suppliers could be facing a major cost headache starting this year as prices for battery-grade […]

Mar. 8th 2022

Aviation is going to face a new challenge in the very near future. Sustainability is the keyword for the next […]

Mar. 8th 2022

The Swiss canton of Valais has abolished subsidies for plug-in hybrid vehicles following a report that showed they offered little […]