MIEEG at Blue Planet Economy Exporoforum in Rome


The Mediterranean sea as a unique immense ecosystem joins into a new Sustainable Maritime Economy. Present and future are facing new challenges in energy, environment and, of course, economy. Mediterranean sea, is not only a fundamental resource for our life but is a “liquid highway” that links Europe to Africa, the Atlantic Ocean to Asia. This big water continent is really strategic for all the countries facing on it, a mix of history and cultural vision that must be summoned through a new vision of innovation and sustainability.

The second edition of Blue Planet Economy Expoforum will be held at Fiera di Roma and MIEEG will join it with other Lazio enterprises. The Expoforum will take place from today, 19th October until 21st October and will host several sectors: Blue food, dedicated to fisheries, safety, conservation and marine biotechnologies, Blue Energy, for renewable energies from sea and related technologies, Blu life protection, Blue Mobility & Logistics, Blue Tourism and Blue Education & Training.

MIEEG will introduce its technology. We are an Innovative Startup whose goal is to develop an innovative miniaturized, high-power electricity generator powered by green propellants such as hydrogen.

The idea stems from the need to overcome the limitations of today’s batteries: in fact, even the most advanced batteries are characterized by low energy density [kWh/kg], resulting in systems with large dimensions, high weight and high inefficiency.

The invention, the subject of a patent filed in 47 countries worldwide and already issued in Italy, China, Hong Kong and the USA, attempts to overcome the limitations of batteries and mechanical systems, combining their benefits, in order to have the best power generation system available on the market today.

The project can be used in two different configurations:

1.as a range extender of battery systems, such as drones, electric cars, exoskeletons, campers, laptops, etc., to extend their operation and relative profitability;

2.as a power generation system, in homes or buildings, integrated with green energy systems (e.g. wind or solar), to raise their ACF (annual capacity factor) by using their excess energy to self-produce hydrogen from water, waste or rainwater.

In this way, new energy-independent housing/building concepts can be realized that are able to re-use any available source.

MIEEG has already been recognized nationally and internationally with several awards.