Change of paradigm: the begin of the Hydrogen Era

The recent surge in energy costs has opened the doors to the future of green hydrogen. The high prices of fossil fuels have forced the importing countries to revise their short-term plans. Only a few months ago the goal was to lower environmental impact to combat climate change, but today the need is to cool […]

Ford Patents Hydrogen-Fueled Combustion Engine

Patent documents reveal Ford is experimenting with hydrogen combustion engines. Not to be confused with fuel cell powertrains, the patent is for a conventional internal-combustion engine that would simply burn hydrogen in place of gasoline or diesel, a process that would result in zero harmful emissions. A patent application filed with the United States Patent […]

New Australian electrolyzer break a world record: will produce the cheapest green hydrogen

Hysata, a startup spin-off the University of Wollongong, Australia, claimed an important breakthrough for the production of green hydrogen. Hysata has developed a new electrolyzer highly promising, as it is considered the world’s most efficient, capable to reach giga-scale by 2025. In a report published this week in Nature Communications, the team behind Hysata’s “capillary-fed […]

REPowerEU plan: how Europe wants to become indipendent by biomethane and hydrogen

The current international crisis has revolutionized EU approach to supply energy. In just two weeks everything was changed but Europe discovered its Achille’s Heel: the lack of energy sources. The European Commission has announced REPowerEU, a new energy plan that focuses entirely on renewable energy and the diversification of supplies. The goal is to leave […]

Major cost for electric vehicle producers

Electric vehicle (EV) producers and suppliers could be facing a major cost headache starting this year as prices for battery-grade lithium are poised to skyrocket more than 50% within a year. Combined with the optimistic demand outlook for LFP batteries that typically feed on lithium carbonate, the supply tightness for lithium salts is expected to […]

Hydrogen plane? It’s the “Final solution”

Aviation is going to face a new challenge in the very near future. Sustainability is the keyword for the next generation travels, declined both in environmental and economic. Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse emission driving global climate change, according to WWF, but the “SAF industry must move forwards”, as Guillaume Faury, […]

The “strange case”​ of plug-in: emissions three times than declared

The Swiss canton of Valais has abolished subsidies for plug-in hybrid vehicles following a report that showed they offered little benefit in matter of emissions and fuel consumption on mountainous roads. This study was carried out at the request of the Valais authorities by the company Impact Living, a company that is active as an […]