Europe wants to increase industry’s capacity to produce electrolyzers by 2025

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Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton and European electrolyser manufacturers met in Brussels to discuss how to increase industry’s capacity to produce electrolysers used to produce green hydrogen. The 20 industries signing the declaration set out a strategy to double the previous EU renewable hydrogen target to 10 million tons of annual domestic production, plus an additional 10 million tons of annual hydrogen imports.

Meeting these targets requires the EU to significantly upscale its manufacturing capacities for innovative zero and low-carbon equipment such as electrolysers. According to industry estimates, producing 10m tons of renewable hydrogen in the EU would require an installed electrolyser capacity of 90 – 100 GW, depending on utilization factors and efficiency rates. To support the rapid upscaling of the industry, the joint declaration features a commitment by the EU executive to put in place a supportive regulatory framework, facilitate access to finance and promote efficient supply chains.

The joint statement says this includes “a legislative proposal on accelerated permitting for renewable energy projects” and faster examination of state aid notifications sent to Brussels. Electrolyser manufacturers, for their part, are committed to applying only high-quality project proposals that are fully aligned with the EU’s climate targets.

Why Hydrogen is so important both to reduce energy dependence and to achieve sustainability goals?  Hydrogen (H2) is an energy vector, one of the possible responses to respond to climate challenges. It can store and deliver large amounts of energy per unit of mass without generating CO₂ emissions during combustion. It is the simplest and most abundant element of the Planet and the Solar System, but it is rarely available in the free and molecular state (H2), because it is present in combination with other chemical elements. For this reason, electrolyzation is currently the simplest method to obtain it.

Hydrogen is one of the solutions that can be used to power the Electric Energy Generation Device that MIEEG is developing. The company has its own H2 / O2 combustion test bench. The advantage over battery systems, is the higher performance, miniaturized dimensions and combustion efficiency. MIEEG system can be adopted as a Range extender in drones, cars or boats. Actually, we have collaborations with Mazzanti Automobili, X-Ender and iSpace2o. Furthermore, MIEEG micro energy generator can be a perfect solution integrated with sustainable energy production system to provide energy to houses.