Hydrogen plane? It’s the “Final solution”

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Aviation is going to face a new challenge in the very near future. Sustainability is the keyword for the next generation travels, declined both in environmental and economic. Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse emission driving global climate change, according to WWF, but the “SAF industry must move forwards”, as Guillaume Faury, Airbus’s CEO, said in an interview. How to decarbonize this crucial sector? The goal is to reach 100% of sustainable fuel by the end of the decade, bringing to the market the hydrogen plane, “because this is really the ultimate solution”. The new generation plane could enter service by the year 2035. Airbus is investing in liquid hydrogen with the ZEROe project, exploiting an energy density three times that of kerosene and a 65-70% lower consumption cut.

2035 is a crucial year for the Italian aviation system too. SEA Milan Airports announced an agreement with Airbus to implement hydrogen for Milan airports via hydrogen web underground pipelines and with refueling hubs. The target of SEA is to reach the level of net CO2 emissions equal to zero already by 2030, twenty years before the end of 2050 set by the European GreenDeal.